Fracking Accidents

Mining has always been a messy dangerous business. Even as new techniques are discovered, mining has stayed messy and dangerous. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are the latest techniques, but their modern engineering cannot keep miners safe.

Mine owners, often speculators, don’t do their best to safeguard their workers either. The combination of more mines, dangerous equipment, and poor safeguards leads to many injuries due to fracking.

An Increase In Modern Mining Techniques Leads To More Dangers

In the past, trapped natural gas reserves were not economically viable for commercial use. They were in difficult to reach places that conventional mining techniques couldn’t reach.

When hydraulic fracturing (fracking) became possible, then many mine owners and speculators jumped into the business. Fracking is very lucrative for the mining operation owner because it pays for itself very quickly when reserves are tapped and sold. Mining is a great job for workers unless they are harmed on the work site.

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are dangerous procedures.

Sometimes, mine owners conveniently overlook the dangers in their hurry to get to gas reserves. They trample on workers’ rights and on the land where they drill. Hoping to strike it rich, the owner spends more money on the engineering

equipment than on taking care of workers. The owner cares more about the money to be made and generally pays no attention to safeguarding the work site.

Sometimes the problem is simply that all that large, dangerous equipment can lead to injuries.

If you are one of those workers who has been injured on a drilling site, you should contact a lawyer quickly after the accident. A good lawyer can help you make a claim. You deserve a settlement that will take care of your medical needs, lost wages, pain and suffering and lifestyle adjustments.

Mining operators can be held accountable for negligence. If you have lost a limb, suffered a head injury or become sick or debilitated at a mine site, you deserve help from an attorney.

Land Owners

Sometimes landowners suffer unexpected losses from all of the heavy equipment trampling valuable property. Land values may be destroyed. Farming, livestock or foresting values may be altered. Water may be ruined from run-off. We also see many truck-related accidents all across the country in relation to fracking practice.

However, there are laws to protect landowners from intrusive, messy drilling operations. Landowners should seek legal help from a lawyer who understands the mining business.

If you have had your land or livelihood ruined by these mining operations, you owe it to yourself to seek a legal remedy. A lawyer can get you a settlement that will compensate you for any loss of income and for the restoration of your land, if possible.

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